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Custom Spot #1

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Pricing: Custom orders will be $125 + shipping. The larger price reflects the time it takes to find all the specific sweatshirts/patters needed for your design. This requires me going thrifting or searching on Poshmark or Depop to find the pieces. 

Timing: Custom orders will take 2-4 weeks to create. This builds in time for ordering anything off Poshmark or Depop that has to be shipped to me, and I also have another job.

Steps After Purchasing:

1. Please view the "Custom Order" tab to view full details

2. DM @raw__vintage on Instagram or email Make sure to include the following:

3. What size you wear.

4. Design ideas (ex. do you want tie dye? solids? half the sweatshirt a different color?). 

5. Any other inspo photos or questions you have!